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Kids Empowerment Academy
  • Revolutionizing the way children learn to be successful!
  • Transforming shyness into confidence!
  • Preparing kids to win the game of life!

Why choose Kids Empowerment Academy for your child?

Why chose Kids Empowerment AcademyIn today's busy world kids need a special place where they can learn, practice and develop the leadership skills needed for a successful life. We provide this opportunity! Our kids build confidence in their ideas and themselves during our “learn as you lead” program. Our experience driven method literally transforms shy kids into confident kids as they eagerly exchange ideas as: Entrepreneurs, Senators, Authors and more!

Leadership Series

little leaders classThis 10 week class is a gradual acceleration of public speaking & leadership skills. Kids build leadership skills & overcome shyness by acting as: entrepreneurs, inventors, teachers & TV show hosts!

Mastery Camp

Kids Power Summer CampMastery Camps are held for one week where you can take advanced Leadership Courses that build upon the Leadership Series and help your child become a greater communicator. Offerings in addition to Leadership include Senators Debate Camp & Authors Writing Camp!

Mock Interview Prep

Kids Mock Interview PrepThis 3 Session Course helps kids by demystifying the interview process & quickly prepares your child for their school interview. Kids will learn the interview process, prepare and practice with their coach, and go to their interview polished ready to shine!

Private Coaching

Kids Private CoachingSometimes kids need a little extra care and time to help them overcome shyness and learn to express themselves confidently. Private coaching is just the right mix of fun and skill building to help your child grow.

Kid Power:

a young person with the ability to direct or lead others and the course of events

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Shyness Stands For

  • Simply
  • Hesitant
  • Yet (just)
  • Needing
  • Exciting &
  • Successful
  • Situations
Conquering Shyness

Kid Power Kids

Kids empowerment Academy Benefits
  • Learn life skills
  • Gain personal development
  • Conquer shyness
  • Step into the fun role of Leaders
  • Lead others with enthusiasm
  • Gain a positive outlook
  • Become confident
  • Grow in self-esteem
  • Interact in a positive environment
  • Grow to be Master Communicators


  • This program is just what my son needed! His confidence soared !

    -Brian O’Neil

  • My child loved this class. Thanks for addressing this need.

    -Reyna Davis

  • Before your program my son barely spoke in front of others. Today he belted out his thoughts! Wow!

    -Jake Higgs

  • My son was constantly teased at his school. A big THANK YOU for your positive peer environment, it has made such a difference for his self-esteem.

    -Marcia Salvador

  • My daughter took your class when she was 9 years old. Today 3 years later, she gave a speech in front of her whole school. She was AMAZING! She says its because of what you taught her!

    -Anna Tran

  • Since my daughter finished her Kids Empowerment summer class she is more focused, and more social with the kids in her class. Thanks!

    -E. Christi

  • The teacher has seen a huge change in my daughter's class participation. She said whatever you're doing keep it up!

    -Shannon Saks

  • My daughter is a changed kid. This class has helped her become such a little leader!

    -Erin Andrews