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cbsBest Tutoring Resource for Kids In New York City

Life is not only about academic success but social confidence and leadership ability as well. At Kid Power Academy, kids ages 6-13 strengthen their leadership talents by learning communication skills, public speaking and confidence building techniques. Through imagination and presentation training kids get hands on leadership training that will serve them well no matter where they go in life.  

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Power Writing Series at Kid Power Academy

Young scribes craft original tales about everything from evil witches and heroic princes to kingdoms made of candy. They present their works on the last day of class dressed as one of their characters.


Children Should Be Heard! -Article

Seven-year-old Lydia was so painfully shy her parents realized that she could be a bud that might never open. They took their child to Communication Specialist Ester Du Von, who has discovered that a focused and receptive audience is the instrument needed to help kids blossom.



“This program is an excellent model for teaching Public Speaking. I am impressed by the way the children are supported and guided through their insecurities and fears of speaking in front of a group. I highly recommend this program.”
Kathy Almazol
Superintendent San Jose Diocese

“Kid Power Academy has created an effective proven path to overcoming insecurities and shyness. The best program I have seen to inspire children to develop their communication and leadership skills. I fully endorse the “Kids Empowerment Method” and feel it will change lives.”
Steve Wobido
Director Childrens Aid Society

Head of School/Directors

"Our students have benefited ever so much from Kid Power Academy. It transforms the shy kids and focuses the overactive both gain tremendous self-esteem and can achieve so much more than they ever thought possible!”
Deborah Roberts,
Director of Performing Arts, Jewish Community Center

"This program has been very well received by our students. Its creative and fun for children so they enjoy the process of improving their level of comfort and ability in articulating their views.”
Tom Blodgett
Director of Programing St Hilda and Hughs , Hilda and High School

"The students at the Academy had the good fortune of participating in the Kids Empowerment Leadership Program offered by Mrs. DuVon. The students gained such poise, confidence and polish throughout the program. I would highly recommend this program and Mrs. DuVon to any school! We look forward to participating in other programs offered by Mrs. DuVon and Kids Empowerment."
Angela Coombs
Head of School at Academy of St. Joseph


“I would not hesitate to recommend this high quality program to anyone. I know with all confidence that Kid Power Academy will do an outstanding job, and become an asset. It is a wonderful program.”
Teacher Ms. Tran

"The students and teachers love it! With this program my students can have a safe place to develop lifelong skills that allow them to have a voice both inside and outside of classroom.”
Teacher Mrs. Read


“Wow, what a change! She loved the class! She was so excited to give her speech. She used to be so shy. Now she is so confident! Thank you for your wonderful program!”
Dr. William Pranov

“My son excelled in the positive peer environment. There needs to be more programs like this for children. Thank you.”
  Judy Maxson

“I was so surprised how quickly my son learned these skills. He really wanted to present a great speech. He told me that this was the best class. This program made a such a difference in his confidence.”
Grace Mills

“I wish I had a program like this when I was younger. I am happy that my daughter now has the tools she needs.”
Linda Blackwell

"Feedback from my granddaughter is that she feels far more social and confident! Both children look forward to your class and give no problem with assignments. I think your work is amazing and hope to keep them in future classes."
Joan Santini

"My daughter has absolutely loved the class and looks forward each week to work on the assignments. -Kudos to your program!"
Jennifer Cattaui

"The teacher indicated such progress in class that I am thrilled! My son now has more confidence in himself and no longer freezes when called upon. Friends have also remarked that he has become more talkative. Thank you!"
Karen Fays


"I like leading the class. Everyone listens to you, and its fun!"
Callie 3rd Grade

"My favorite speech was the Commercial, everyone wanted to buy my model car!"
Michael 4th Grade

"I liked being the Queen in the Kings and Queens Game. I had funny rules for my Kingdom!"
Brianna 1st Grade

"My favorite thing about class is that everyone is nice. I didn't like being up in front of the class before, but now I do."
Mayleen 7th Grade

"Its cool how we can talk about what we want. I like that."
Juan 5th Grade

"My favorite part of leadership is that we get to present our ideas in front of the whole class."
Samantha 5th Grade

"I like learning how to be a leader, its fun!"
Amelia 1st Grade

"I like when we do the presentations and the games!"
Emmaline 5th Grade