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What is Kid Power Academy?

We are a communication academy that specializes in using a science-based method to help children overcome shyness and prevent public speaking anxiety later in life. We believe that children have the right to have their thoughts heard, acknowledged, and empowered, and to be given the perfect environment to learn how to be a leader.

Our academy was founded by Ester Du Von, CEO of Empowerment Communications Inc., which specializes in communication skill training for adults. She realized that many of the adult anxieties associated with presenting in front of others stemmed from negative early-childhood classroom experiences. These experiences have been wired in the brain, and later in life they can cause anxiety, stomach sickness, shaking, forgetfulness, and panic. Studies show that three-fourths of adults fear public speaking situations, and many decline social, academic, and professional opportunities in order to avoid triggering this very anxiety. Ester knew that this problem can be stopped before it ever starts if the proper instruction is delivered in childhood.

Ester then formulated the Kids Empowerment Method, which not only stops a child from developing fear associated with public speaking, but also simultaneously establishes positive, endorphin-based responses to being in front of the class and leading others. The Kids Empowerment Method creates an ideal environment for a child to grow, learn, and establish solid leadership and communication skills.

What Does the Kids Empowerment Method Provide?

  • Imaginative role play that inspires quick learning
  • A series of endorphin-based learning experiences that establish solid communication skills
  • Removal of fear factors, allowing children to express themselves fully in front of others
  • Specialized classroom facilitation in a free communication forum
  • Polished instruction: eye contact, body language techniques, vocal projection, articulation

What is the Science Behind the Kids Empowerment Method?

  • Our novel academic environment stimulates the brain to take notice and learn
  • Role-play curriculum develops frontal cortex skills (social and reasoning)
  • Endorphin-based lessons form strong neural transmitter bonding
  • Promotion of neural learning pathways builds the foundation of personality and ability
  • Soft skills are established through repetition before “brain pruning” begins around age 11

How Does the Kids Empowerment Method Change Lives?

  • Children grow eager to express their ideas to others
  • They build self-confidence and pride in their ideas, as well as their place in peer groups
  • Children are inspired to seek out leadership opportunities
  • They are transformed into strong communicators who speak with confidence

Bring Kid Power Academy to Your School

Hosting Classes

Bring Kid Power Academy directly to your students by hosting our classes at your school or institution. A certified KEA facilitator will travel to your school and provide your students with expert instruction. Classes available: Power Leadership, Power Debate, and Power Writing.

Common Core Curriculum for Speaking and Listening Ages 6-18

We provide specialized Common Core Curriculum for school districts, catholic schools, and private education facilities. Curriculum is paired with facilitator training for all three courses: Leadership, Debate and Power Writing.

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