Coach box for kids

About Us

Ester Du Von, Founder

Kid Power Academy is a communication program for children ages 6-17. We provide specialized instruction that develops a solid set of interpersonal and presentation skills. Our focus is to help children overcome shyness and prevent them from developing public speaking anxiety.

Statistically, 3/4 of adults have public speaking anxiety, and most people can link this fear to negative childhood classroom experiences. Ester Du Von, CEO of Empowerment Communications Inc. (an executive communication skill consulting company for adults), wanted to stop this paralyzing fear from developing in future generations. She believed that if given the ideal setting and education, children would not develop this anxiety, and would instead grow to enjoy and seek out leadership opportunities.

The Kids Empowerment Method creates the perfect classroom environment that addresses all the fear factors that can lead to shyness and anxiety about speaking in front of others. Our curriculum is geared toward helping children "learn by doing." Simultaneously, our un classes establish positive, endorphin-based responses to being in front of the class. This establishes within the children a desire to take leadership opportunities and have their ideas heard by others.

Knowledge is power, and all children deserve the proper environment and tools to create successful lives!