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How can your Leadership Classes help a shy child?
Many children are shy because they lack the opportunity to speak in front of others. They need to feel that if they speak others will listen. Our classes provide a fun and respectful environment where children can speak and be heard. With practice, most “shy” children become very strong Leaders.
How can your Leadership Classes help a extroverted child?
Many extroverted children are mistakenly labeled as “outspoken”. Teachers may see their talking in class as a disruption. These children are looking for an opportunity to share their ideas with others. We embrace the exchange of ideas, and provide ample opportunity for this much needed self-expression in our students.
How does Kid Power Academy structure its curriculum?
Our classes are geared to teach Leadership skills to kids by using public speaking techniques in a fun forum. Students are taught the importance of Eye Contact, Vocal Projection, Body Language and Topic Knowledge. Our classes are created to foster positive peer encouragement, and a safe environment for self-expression. We believe learning should be in the form of fun. We create an exciting forum to practice speaking on subjects that our students are knowledgeable and interested in. Every child is given one-on-on coaching from their instructor, and guidance from their peers. Our goal is to give our students the skills they need in order to deliver a speech with confidence and clarity.
What if my child already fears Public Speaking?
The fear of Public Speaking is learned over a series of negative experiences. This fear can be reversed if a child has many more positive experiences than negative ones. Our classes teach the techniques that children need in order to deliver a speech with confidence. We embrace and discuss the reasons behind this fear with our students. We make class fun. We take special care to create a respectful environment where children look forward to giving their next speech to their eager audience.
Is elementary school too early to learn these skills?
Elementary school is the perfect time to learn Leadership, and communication skills. It is never too early to start creating positive Leadership experiences. Having good communication skills is the foundation for a successful life. It is important to learn these skills early.
How do I sign up my child for a Kid Power Class?
To sign up for a Kid Power class, click on Enrollment from the menu. Click on the enrollment form. Fill it out, and send it to us. You can send the form via mail, email, or fax. Once we receive it we will be in touch to enroll your child in the earliest available class.
Does my child have to attend all the classes in the session?
Kid Power classes are fun, and fast paced. Students practice the public speaking skills they are acquiring during each class. It is recommended to not miss any of the classes in the session. Each class is imperative for skill advancement and confidence building. Classes cannot be made up if missed.
How do you ensure a positive classroom environment for the students?
Our classes are governed by Star Rules. Star Rules ensure a positive and safe speaking environment for our students. These rules are divided between Speaker rules, and the Audience rules. These rules are important so that everyone knows how to treat one another and why a respectful environment is vital for good communication.
What if my child is not able to follow the Star Rules?
It is very rare that a child is unable to follow the Star Rules. However, sometimes a child may not have the maturity to maintain a disruption free environment. In these very rare cases, a child is removed from the program and is welcomed back when emotionally and mentally ready to provide a respectful environment for his/her classmates. Kid Power Academy understands that the “Fear of Public Speaking” is developed from a series of negative experiences. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove children from the program who may recreate these negative experiences for others.
Can parents attend classes with their child?
Parents are not allowed in the classroom for insurance and safety purposes. Children tend to become shy when adults, and even parents are present. It is important for our students to feel safe and free to express themselves. However, parents can purchase coaching clips of their child by requesting via email for the payment link.
Can we enroll siblings and friends in the same class?
We welcome siblings and friends to be enrolled together in our classes. This is a great way for each child to practice being heard by those they know. However, in some cases having friends and relatives in the audience may make a child more self- conscious. It is imperative that our students feel free to express themselves in front of their classmates. Please make sure that the students being enrolled together are willing to be supportive to one another.
Why are parents equal partners in the Leadership process?
Parents are equal partners in the leadership process, because they are often the first person to hear the speech a child has prepared for the class. It is very important that each child has a friendly audience at home to practice his/her speech on until they are fully prepared to deliver it to the audience. Students will be given a speech to prepare as homework each class. Parents will need to review the speech assigned for homework, and work with the child as they practice.
Does Kid Power Academy provide Cognitive Therapy, and Speech Therapy?
No, Kid Power Academy does not provide cognitive, or speech therapy. Please consult your Pediatrician for help in finding the correct specialist for your child’s needs.
What is your cancellation Policy?

CANCELLATION POLICY ( Please review before registering your child):


In order to receive a refund for a class you wish to cancel, or transfer to a different course, you must submit a request either in writing or via email to Kid Power Academy 14 calendar days prior to the first class. A $25 service charge is applied to each class for which you are requesting a cancel or transfer. If you are requesting a transfer, space must be available in the desired course or you will be placed on a waiting list.

Camp & Workshop Refund/Transfers:

In order to receive a refund for a cancelled camp or workshop class or transfer to a different course, you must submit a request either in writing or via email to Kid Power Academy at least 21 calendar days prior to the first class. No refund will be allowed beyond this period. Transfers may be granted as available first come first served basis. A $25 service charge is applied to each class for which you are requesting a refund or transfer. If you are requesting a transfer, space must be available in the desired course. Refunds and/or credits will not be issued with less than 21 days notice.

Form of payment notice: If original registration was made with cash or check, refund will be issued by check. If payment was made by credit card, refund will be issued to the card of payment. You will receive your refund check or credit within 30 days.

Medical emergencies are exempt from this policy; however, a signed statement from your doctor is required. If student has a medical emergency that prevents him/her from continuing the class a pro-rated refund will apply for classes attended. Thank you for your understanding.

What if I have more questions?

If you need more information please contact us via e-mail at,
or call us at # (646) 530-8792. We will be happy to answer your questions!